The Creativity Exchange explains that you should prepare a 50/50 mix of denatured alcohol and water. Before I tell you about the results on this particular job, let me share our process: Choose a color. This helps fill in the thin spots left from the first coat (of course, some manufacturers recommend two coats of their sealer anyway). I cannot find the post but have filled both my quart mason jars with one of each and one each torn up steel wool. Select a medium-grit sandpaper, then look closely at the wood to find the direction of the grain. Work along the grain, lightly sanding to remove debris and prepare the oak for staining. 5” white oak with 3/4 simply white 1/4 classic grey/weathered oak stain. Fortunately, there's more than one way to do it! Source Images. his could then also be coated with their Traffic HD, Your email address will not be published. Having the homeowner find pictures online ahead of time helps narrow things down.