Business Problem Symptoms

business change management specialistHow many do you identify with as the founder or owner of your business?
  • The best way to get things done properly is to do it myself
  • I don’t have enough time to spend with my family or take a vacation
  • I have tried delegating responsibilities, however most issues eventually come back to me
  • I would like to expand the business, but I am afraid of losing control
  • I have continuing disagreements with my business partners (If any)
  • There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done
  • We keep putting out fires instead of conducting business as planned
  • Most members of our staff don’t know what the rest are doing
  • We lack managers who can deliver desired results without supervision
  • It is hard to find good talents in management, sales and other important areas
  • I feel nervous and out of touch with many areas of the business due to our growth
  • Company meetings are usually a waste of time
  • Employees often clash and complain instead of working as teams
  • Employees don’t follow-through on their assignments and need constant follow-up
  • We keep blaming the economy for not doing as good as before
  • We have grown in sales but not in profits
  • There are usually no follow-ups on decisions made
  • Employees always seem to ask for raises and we don’t know the best way to handle that
  • Accounting is always behind with accurate and much needed reports
  • At times, we have to delay payments due to slow cash flow
  • There is no organization chart explaining who is accountable for what and to whom?

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