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small business consultingWe have helped many businesses in a broad variety of industries since 1980

It is important to note that we work strictly with businesses that have been established before. We do not make business plans for start-ups or provide advice about which type of business investors should get into.

Our consulting is not limited to any specific industry. We are a hands-on and Bottom-Line-Driven Business Consulting firm that views companies primarily as collections or teams of ‘people’, instead of offices, warehouses, plants, merchandise, machinery, books, bank accounts, documents, or computers. Our emphasis is on improving the quality and effectiveness of the ‘human factor’ in business at every level of business organizations.

We are not specialists such as accountants, tax advisers, IT experts,  Attorneys, engineers and product developers. However we have coached and hired many specialists or talents for our clients by helping them reach the maximum of heir potential individually and as a team. Our true objective is to train business founders and owners to be the most effective and professional employers, to the maximum of their innate potential.

Our clients do not hire us to teach them anything about the specifics of their industry, products or services, such as in electronics, construction or insurance. What they hire us for is to enable them to increase the performance of their ‘people’, at every level in their organizations, using our proprietary technology for the specific purpose of improving the company’s sales and bottom line.

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