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Shawn Halimi

Hi, this is Shawn Halimi,  Founder & Principal of Shawn Halimi Consulting. I first came to the United States in 1980 with a BS degree in engineering from U.K. and opened a 1500 Sq. Ft. retail store in Los Angeles with no business experience and very little cash. By 1995 my business had grown into a regional chain of stores doing over one hundred million dollars per year in sales with about 250 employees.

Due to the observation of the rapid expansion and success of my company, some friends and customers who were business owners approached me at times with questions about problems they encountered in their business, by asking how I handled similar problems in my own business.  This provided me with a platform to discover my life’s mission, which I define as “helping business people succeed by improving their leadership and management skills to the maximum of their natural potential.” By 1997 I officially started my practice as a business management consultant and coach.

Since that time (except for one year when I joined an international consulting firm to gain experience in working with fortune 500 companies), I have developed a specialized niche in consulting and coaching owners of small to medium sized businesses in Los Angeles, in a large variety of industries to improve their performance and bottom line, by organizing their businesses into professionally managed corporations. Together with my associates we combine your specific experience of your industry with our unique management and leadership techniques to increase your efficiency and that of your staff, leading to increased sales and bottom line profitability.

I can easily be reached at (424) 355-0060.

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