A simple way to explain Corporate Culture

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A simple way to explain Corporate Culture

The following animal experiment will help anyone understand what is meant by the extremely important phenomenon commonly known as Corporate Culture in the most simple manner:

1. Four gorillas are placed in a cage where there is a ramp in the cage. On the top of the ramp there is a bunch of bananas. As soon as one of the gorillas starts climbing the ramp to go for the bananas, high pressure hoses placed at the top of the ramp are turned on knocking that gorilla off the ramp and soaking the rest. This happens until none of the existing gorillas dare go near the bananas.

2. One of the gorillas is replaced by a band new gorilla. When the new gorilla tries to get to the bananas, remaining original gorillas jump on him trying to drag him back to avoid getting soaked based on their past experience. This continues until the new gorilla has also learns not to go after the bananas due to the reaction observed from the original gorillas.

3. The original gorillas are replaced one at a time over time. Eventually the cage contains four new gorillas, none of whom has ever been hosed, but strangely, none of them will go near the bananas!

4. Thus the situation continues perpetually every time a new gorilla enters the cage.